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Machine Learning Engineer

Dubai, UAE Full time

Responsibilities :-

  • Work with ML problems end-to-end, starting from the ideation phase to full-scale deployment in production environments.
  • Work closely with Data scientists and other engineering teams in scaling, productionalizing and maintaining ML models.
  • Build robust data pipelines.
  • Dig deep into data, clean it, establish data stores if not existent.
  • Do the independent analysis, validate hypothesis, set up evaluation metrics.
  • Test out different architectures, new algorithms and platforms.
  • Build quick proof of concepts.

Must Haves :-

  • An engineering degree in computer science or related fields.
  • 2+ years of experience in a hands-on development role preferably in an ML / Data Science / Data Engineering environment.
  • In-depth understanding of machine learning algorithms.
  • Solid coding skills in Java or Scala.
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
  • Experience in building end-to-end data and ML pipelines.
  • Ability to work with unstructured problems and take end-to-end ownership of projects.
  • Experience in python with exposure to frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, OpenCV, MXNet, Spark MLLib; Exposure to big data tools like Spark, Flink, Hadoop and Hive.
  • The eagerness to learn and experiment.