Amid growing concerns about potential financial, operational and reputational damage, cybercrime has quickly become one of the top enterprise-wide risks faced by organizations.

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We understand the importance of protecting your company’s security systems.

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We are here to look after your company’s security systems!

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We are passionate, determined, and driven towards providing quality services.

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Hire our white team to get professional cybersecurity advisory and consulting services.

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We understand the importance of protecting
your company’s security systems.

  • Red Team

    Avalance is a renowned name in the business when it comes to providing Red Team testing services. We are well-equipped with the essential technologies and personnel required to protect your company against malicious cyber-attacks.

    We take time to understand your system and requirements, and curate strategies to ensure complete coverage of all the elements. Our main objective is to protect your system from different attacks and perform penetration testing to assess the system vulnerabilities.

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Scanning

    Secure your organization from data breaches by getting vulnerability assessments done periodically. It is essential to carry out both internal and external vulnerability assessments as it will help your firm identify the risks and plan out solutions for them.

    At Avalance, our experts at vulnerability assessment testing will help you with it extensively. We will ensure that your firm’s systems are protected and safe at all times.

  • Penetration Testing

    We, at Avalance, are a dynamic team of professionals who can help you cater to your firm's security needs perfectly. Our experts have the knowledge to look into your system and determine any threats and risks that can hamper your system's working. We make use of controlled, real-world attacks that can penetrate into your network and understand the resilience of the security solutions of your organization.

  • Web Application Security Testing

    Internet web applications are at a massive risk of getting attacked by malicious hackers. The hackers can target all kinds of vulnerabilities in the code, design, and content to penetrate into your network.

    Our expertise lies in identifying the weaknesses in your company’s applications. Our Red Team has ample experience in the field to perform extensive web application security testing for you.

  • Mobile Application Security Testing

    Mobile applications are becoming extremely common, and so are the risks associated with it. Therefore, it becomes an absolute essential to have a Red Team that can perform holistic testing of your mobile application. We make use of both automated and manual testing to ensure complete coverage of your company’s application.

  • Wireless Security Testing

    Having a wireless network for your company is highly common in today’s tech-savvy world. However, it is crucial to protect the network from the security risks associated with it. At Avalance, we have a well-qualified Red Team to assess with complete wireless security testing.

    Our team excels at identifying the various risks that can penetrate your wireless network and help you with the remedial measures for the same.

  • Social Engineering - Targeting The Human Weakness

    If you are looking for a Red Team to carry out a social engineering simulation for your business, Avalance is at your service. This will help prepare your employees for attacks on different elements of your organization. Also, if you are in search of a provider for effective information security training, we are at your rescue!

    Our professionals are experts at preparing the employees, and we make use of several strategies to ensure a perfectly secured and breach-free environment for your company.

  • Why Choose Us For Red Team Testing Services?

    • We test the effectiveness of your security systems when it comes to handling cyber-attacks.

    • We can assess and train your employees to manage the malicious risks to your system.

    • We can provide you an in-depth analysis of the vulnerabilities and risks that your system is exposed to.

    • We can mitigate the risks before attackers penetrate your system.

    When it comes to Red Team testing needs, think of the best in the market,
    think of Avalance!


We understand the importance of protecting
your company’s security systems.

  • Blue Team

    Avalance is one of the most celebrated companies who provide Blue Team testing services. We are technically sound and have an experienced workforce to safeguard your company against destructive cyber threats.

    We keep all your requirements in mind and analyze your system closely. We then customize our action plan according to your needs. Our prime goal is to ensure that your system is secure from multiple attacks, and we also perform tests to check system susceptibilities.

  • Infrastructure Protection

    Infrastructure protection comprises DNS security, mail security, and Unified communication security. We secure your DNS platform and protect it against DNS attacks and malware. Using anti-virus protection and mail encryption, we protect your company's confidential information. We specialize in VoIP security and unified communications security and hence, provide a stronger unified communications system for your company.

    Avalance provides a range of solutions to protect your company's infrastructure from all ends.

  • Network Security Protection

    The exerts at Avalance have practical experience in dealing with network security breaches. Our advanced security solutions act as the primary and secondary line of defense for any modern security threat to your system. For network-level protection, all your business and technical requirements are kept in mind.

    Our 360-degree approach for network security includes Next-Generation Firewall, Network Control Access, Unified Threat Management, and DDoS Mitigation. We also ensure the security of your Remote Access System to boost your company’s productivity.

  • System Security

    Enterprise infrastructure is highly dependent on Microsoft Systems. To lock down any vulnerabilities, we provide security at the operating system level as well as the application level. Our expert consulting services can develop a framework for Microsoft Systems and manage the Microsoft infrastructure asset.

    We do a thorough analysis to identify any vulnerabilities across your UNIX system asset. We then apply preventative, detective, or compensating controls to mitigate risks. We develop a security framework ensuring that your UNIX system meets the standard security baseline.

  • Endpoint Security Protection

    We strive to provide endpoint security protection to your system against attackers. We take countermeasures to fight malware and implement various sandbox technologies for detection. Using passive DNS analysis, we can figure out the maliciousness of a given domain.

    Through application whitelisting, we can protect your system from the most sophisticated endpoint threats. It is a means to provide overall protection from current and future threats to your system. We stay up to date with the constantly evolving threat landscape through the network security analytics and forensics.

  • Malware Protection

    Malware protection is the second vital layer of protection for your system. Attackers use sophisticated hosting infrastructures to perform activities like stealing information. We perform a passive analysis of DNS traffic and identify features that indicate maliciousness. Our team is highly skilled in identifying potential malicious domains.

    Thus, instead of dealing with an attack after it has happened, we can control it before it affects the system. At Avalance, we are well-equipped with technologies to provide complete malware protection for your company’s system.

  • Application Security Protection

    Application security refers to the steps taken throughout the life cycle of an application to prevent any exceptions in the security policy. It also includes the prevention of underlying systems from flaws in design, deployment, development, and maintenance of the application. Modern-day threats can easily bypass traditional security systems and reach the application level.

    Along with state-firewall and IPS, Avalance provides a dedicated application security system for your company. This security system acts as the second line of defense. We specialize in domains like content security and web application firewall.

  • Vulnerability Management

    Avalance is your most reliable choice for testing vulnerabilities of operating systems, firmware, and applications. It is a continuous practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities. A vulnerability scanner is widely used to discover vulnerabilities. We perform scheduled scans and network discoveries.

    Automatic central reporting from different scans is studied by our professionals to have a complete understanding of the vulnerabilities of your system. Once the thorough analysis is done, we suggest possible ways to fight these shortcomings.

  • Cloud Security System

    At Avalance, we assess risk and compliance factors of the cloud services. This analysis will help you make informed judgments. We work proactively with your cross-functional teams and ensure each decision is technically assessed. We provide expertise in areas of cloud computing risk management, hypervisor security, and virtualization.

    We manage the virtual security appliances and physical security appliances from a single centralized management platform. Providing Security as a Service on demand is one of our specialties.

  • Security Operations Centre

    Information security operations and maintenance can be kept on step ahead of the attackers with Avalance. Our security operation centers enable your company to augment different security functions like audit and HR without any worries. The fundamental elements of our security system are an operation support system, automation, risk management, and incident handling.

  • Smart Contract Auditing

    We use the blockchain technology to protect e-commerce and transaction. The technology ensures cybersecurity through consensus, provenance, immutability, and finality. We provide a multi-layer security approach to deliver a secure-by-design blockchain technology architecture.

  • Why Choose Us For Blue Team Testing Services?

    • We first test the vulnerability of your system and then do the required changes to make your system full proof.

    • We coach your employees to become self-sufficient in dealing with cyber-attacks in the future.

    • We give you a detailed understanding of where your system is lacking with respect to cybersecurity.

    • With our expertise, the chance of any attacks is highly reduced.

    The next time you think of Blue Team Testing, make the right choice by going for Avalance!


We understand the importance of protecting
your company’s security systems.

  • Purple Team

    Avalance is one of the best security solutions you can ask for when it is about seeking Purple Team's testing and assessment services. We have the passion, knowledge, and experience it takes to come up with effective analysis and solutions for all the threats and attacks that pose a risk for your company's security systems. Hire us if you are looking for expert advice and guidance on anything pertaining to vulnerabilities of your business' security system.

  • Threat Modeling

    Threat Modeling requires immense knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, and it is crucial for professionals to understand the risks associated with an organization. At Avalance, the Purple Team is highly experienced in terms of handling the different aspects associated with threat modeling.

    Our Purple Team offers complete assistance and looks into the vulnerabilities in-depth to provide stellar threat modeling solutions to its customers. Be it technology upgrades or managing the security architecture of the company, we can do it best.

  • SIEM Effectiveness Analysis

    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is about the extensive solutions that help IT professionals in identifying and monitoring the security aspects of a system or network. The Purple Team experts at Avalance help with all the essential services pertaining to SIEM Effectiveness Analysis.

    We provide services for threat detection, investigation of the different risks, and appropriate guidance to manage those risks effectively. We are a team of experienced professionals who ace at providing SIEM Effectiveness Analysis services.

  • Use Case Development

    To manage the security threats on your network effectively, you need experts to prepare use cases for your framework. The Purple Team here can help you prioritize the varied security risks on your system by helping with expert use case development.

    We can help you maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your system by keeping you focused on the most crucial security aspects. You can trust the quality of services we provide when it comes to SIEM use case development.

  • Cyber Attack Kill Chain

    The Cyber Kill Chain (CKC) model is an essential one for the companies today as the evolution of the internet has resulted in multiple security threats too. Purple Team at Avalance has the knowledge and experience in the field to understand the different stages of attacks that can hamper your business.

    Thus, we work to provide you security solutions that can prevent security threats from disrupting/corrupting your business data.

  • Threat Advisory Simulation

    Avalance’s main aim is to protect its clients from varied threats and attacks on their security systems. Therefore, we work to identify the several vulnerabilities and provide complete threat advisory simulation assistance.

    Our main services in this category revolve around a simulation of the cutting-edge attacks, identifying and mitigating risks, and, thus, provide practical recommendations for enhancing the security framework of the company.

  • Why Choose Us For Purple Team Testing Services?

    • We ensure that your company’s security network meets all the compliance standards.

    • We ace at monitoring security systems and identifying the threats to the framework effectively.

    • We work together to come up with best-fit strategies to benefit the business and protect the clients’ network.

    • Our assessment services are top-notch, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality services.

    Purple Team is an essential addition to every company’s security assessments. If you are in need of protection of your company’s network and need assistance, get in touch with us!

Advisory and Consulting

We understand the importance of protecting
your company’s security systems.

  • White team

    Managing your organization’s security and networks is a crucial task. It has a direct impact on the running and reputation of the firm. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to hire the right experts to handle cybersecurity issues for you. Avalance is amongst the top companies in the market when it comes to providing advisory and consulting services to assist organizations in handling their systems.

    Our main aim is to keep your company protected against all the attacks that can hamper your network and, thus, disrupt your company's operations.

  • Identity and Access Management

    Incorporating an Identity and Access Management (IAM) program in a company accompanies itself with several challenges and pitfalls if not handled properly. The implementation of an IAM program requires expertise and knowledge. Our White Team specializes at exactly that. We are a renowned firm dedicated to providing our clients with the best Identity and Access management advisory services.

    We, at Avalance, excel at providing top-notch Advisory IAM services to assist you with the management of employee identities, customer identities, etc.

  • Data Protection and Privacy Program

    The most crucial and confidential element of any company is its data. It marks the foundation and basis of the organization's existence in the market. Thus, the protection of this data is important and must be done rightly. Avalance’s main goal is to aid its clients with the first-in-class Data Protection and Privacy Program Advisory services.

    Our professionals can help you with enhancing the information security controls as well as strategies of your firm. We can help you handle your data rightly.

  • Cloud Security Assessment

    With the advancement in technology, the implementation of cloud systems in organizations is a common scenario. The White Team at Avalance is well-versed with cloud solutions and, thus, can advise clients perfectly when it comes to cloud computing security solutions.

    Our team here can assist you with cloud service model adoption, risk management of cloud systems, encryption of cloud data and sources, etc.

  • Enterprise Security Architecture

    The White team at Avalance is at your service if you are looking for Security Architecture Design and framework. We ace at understanding the security systems of the companies and can help with maintaining confidentiality as well as the integrity of the business.

    Our experts can guide you regarding risk management, security standards, policies, threat management, and much more. We are knowledgeable and experienced professionals in this field.

  • Data Center Security Design and Blueprint

    Creating a Data Center Security Architecture is one of the crucial aspects to look into from a business perspective for ensuring the protection of data and its proper handling. We, at Avalanse, are fluent with the knowledge and strategies essential to build a data center security design and blueprint for businesses.

    We can provide you with complete, end-to-end consulting services when it comes to data center security design and blueprint architecture.

  • Emerging Technologies

    With cloud solutions taking of the networking industry and businesses of today, it becomes even more important to hire experts in the industry to help you with enterprise cyber solutions. Be it IoT, AI, Machine learning, etc.; our consultants have the right knowledge to protect your business systems and consult you through when it is about cybersecurity.

    We, at Avalance, keep ourselves updated with the emerging technologies to help your business stay at par too.

  • Why Hire Us For Your White team Advisory and Consulting Needs?

    • We are up-to-date with the changes in technology and understand the world of cybersecurity.

    • We are well-acquainted with the different architectures and business frameworks.

    • We are on-time with our work and satisfy our clients by delivering quality consulting services.

    • We make our client’s needs as our needs and provide the best assistance at all times.

    Are you in need of expert Advisory and Consulting services by a renowned White team? Avalance is the answer to your requirements!

Penetration Testing

  • External Penetration

    During External Penetration Testing, Avalance simulates real-world attacks against your public-facing IT infrastructure to find your security holes and how the bad guys could break in.

  • Internal Penetration

    During Internal Penetration Testing, Avalance simulates the "insider threat" by attacking your internal network, from the perspective of a trusted, malicious insider (or employee).

  • Web and Mobile App
    Penetration Testing

    In a Web and Mobile App Penetration Test, our consultants perform focused attacks against your custom-built web and mobile applications to identify their vulnerabilities before they move to production.